In “the Now”


The words on the book cover stood out to me instantly: “The Power of Now.” In the Milwaukee Border’s book store, I felt a strong urge to read Eckhart Tolle’s book. However, convinced I could purchase the book for a cheaper price, I waited to buy it on Amazon.

The day the package came in the mail and I flipped open the first page, my mindset began to change. I began to approach life in a new way. Instead of worrying about the future or mourning the past, I learned that all we have is the present moment. I began to appreciate “the now.” While it is comfortable and easy to allow the mind to wander, I have found that being fully present is gratifying and enlightening.

One instance where I applied this concept to my life occurred at about 7:45 a.m. on a weekday morning. On a run, my feet brushed against the wooden planks of a Lake Mendota dock. As I took note of my surroundings, I saw black birds flying in unison. Their bodies contrasted the bright, pinkish yellow morning sky. Tears started to fall down my sweaty cheeks. I felt grateful to be alive in those moments.

If a moment like this could bring me bliss, imagine what else could? Such a simple moment allowed me to connect with the earth. It was a moment that made me feel big and great yet insignificant at the same time. I came to realize that simplicity makes more sense and that the present moment is all we have.

This message is often brought to light in the media. For example, in the article “Lack of Focus can make you unhappy,” Health Writer, Elizabeth Landau discusses peoples’ tendency to devote their attention to everything but the present moment. It shows how being focused on a specific task creates a better chance of feeling happy, especially if it’s an engaging activity such as conversing with another person or exercising.

I think it is essential to apply the “Power of Now” and the article’s message to my life, specifically in the field of journalism. It is essential to be attentive during an interview. As an important piece of the story, recording and listening to the interview subject is necessary. Giving my full attention to an interview subject will enable the quote to possess authenticity. Furthermore, as events transpire, it is necessary for journalists to be alert and aware. A curiosity emerges in journalists as they hear part of the story and feel an urge to know more. Utilizing all the senses can help journalists succeed with interviews, assessing the scene of the event, etc.

Journalists depend on the present moment and thrive in “the now.”


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